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May 27th, 2011 Posted in Shanna's Blog Entries

600k.- so this weekend is going to be super hot.  i usually like the heat but after all the rain and stuff the humidity is going to be crazy!   i am ready to ride and the van is loaded up.   the four doggies are all going to Authors for the weekend.   it took more time packing all their stuff up then my stuff.    I love my little doggies and hate to see them go.  i will miss sleeping with them.   This afternoon i had a break and just layed around with them for a bit.   It was sooo nice!

wedding plans-  so my life and Marcus’s life is like a roller coaster.    Looks like his job is ending sooner then we thought.  the origianl plan was for him to come over next year but looks like it will be in August.   no sense in him sitting over in Germany.   Just when you think you have things planned out things change.   I am excited about it.   The puppies will not be so crazy about it but they will adjust.