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600 k ride report…

May 31st, 2011 Posted in Shanna's Blog Entries

600k-  wow what a ride!   It was hot and windy and a very long day.    I felt good most of the day and in the beginning i was riding with some of the people doing the 200k.    I sort of figured it was stupid that i was riding ahead of them so i would stop and wait on occasion.    It was a good bunch to be riding with and Gary Goliff..gotlive…or however you spell it was the machine again.   He was the one organizing the ride and was like a little daddy making sure everyone was ok.   he was riding a tandom with his pretty wife so he is usually a bit slower. when gary is on his single bike i am usualy in for too hard of a ride.

  I think i might need to have markus (the fiance) do some rides with Gary while he is on the tandom.  Gary can show him how to take care of me like he does Dana (th wife).  Gary had a tandom made so that each pedal system is separate….this means dana does not have to pedal all the time.   She can rest if she needs to but she really doesn’t.   It got really hot and we had a head wind most of the day.   Two of us would get into the stores and then wait for the others to come in.  Next thing you knew the group was down to 5 riders…two on a tandom.   It took us 8 hours to get 100 miles in.   I was sort of freaking out about how long the ride was taking us but trying to keep my cool,.  I wanted to have two consective hard rides in with a full nights sleep.  There was no way that was going to happen.   We were way behind schedule.    I felt good and was riding good pretty much the entire day.  We had enought stops that my nutrition was dead on and i was feeling better then i thought i would.   When we got a tail wind it was really nice.   the only problem with taking so long for the ride is that i was not sure if i was going to have enough lights to get home on.,  i did not bring a back up and my light was only good for 4 hours.   Thsi guy jeremy rode with me in the end and we got ahead of the others.  i was on a mission to get back to the hotel.  the other tw0 bikes rolled in right not long after.   We did 225 miles and it was a tough day.   tough enough that i decided not to ride the next day.   I actually made the decision not to ride the next day at about 9pm when we still had another 4 hours to finish the first day.   I looked at the wind for sunday and it was worse.   Jeremy got a text from his dad informing him that Dallas/fort worth had 6500 power outages. I decided that my ride was getting drug out longer then planned.  i never rode into the night when i trained for RAAM either.    The idea of two quality rides with longer sleep was gone.    I did get my training in and rode better then i expected.   I expected to feel worse after 200 miles but felt ok…ok enough to give massages on Sunday after little sleep.

As for the the randonnuers.   i admire all of them.  i am not sure how many stuck it out fo the second day but i did talk to Gary Sunday night and he sounded like a spring chicken.   He was planning to ride anotehr 200k on Monday…not sure who joined him but i think his wife was with him the entire time.  these guys are junkies that i really admire and they are all so tough.  i have done this particular 600k before….it was my first one if i remember right.  i dont think i ever was out so long but we did not always have such bad weather conditions.   I moved away from Lubbock to get away from the wind and it followed me.

just to give you an idea.  two of my buddies that were doing the 200k said they saw 114 or 116 on their bike computers….i know it did not get that hot but who knows next to the pavement.   I think i was doing ok with the heat.  Overall it was a good day even if i did not do the second day.  i am on a mission to make as much money as possible these days.

RATS!!-  not sure what is in my attick but i have another cittter back playing.   I will admit that i am too chicken to go into the attick.    I dont have a ladder tall enough but will most likely have to tend to this tomorrow.  i like to think i am tough but not that tough.  i had this problem last year and ended up just putting out some rat stuff and it took care of the problem.   This problem sounds like a squirrel…..or worse…a possem.