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I Love Fort Worth!!!

June 2nd, 2011 Posted in Shanna's Blog Entries

Fort Worth-  I have not even been in Fort Worth 2 years but i know i love this place.   I am building a great business and really loving it here.   My clients are not really just clients….they are more like friends and i am really getting to know a great bunch of people through my training and work.   I have some new cleints coming in that are really cool.  i also have a great house that I love.   Not so sure if the puppies are liking the heat but as far as i can tell they love me working at home.    It took me a long time to move from Lubbock and i think it is one of the best things i ever did.   i am just hoping Markus (the fiance) feels the same way.

Tortour-  gosh this race is up in the air for me.    i know i can do it but not sure if i have a crew put together and not so sure if i want to force teh issue.   Markus has been searching for crew and has some that will be getting back to him.    If i dont do Tortour i wont have my feelings hurt.   So strange…usually i am so stuck on doing races no matter what but right now i am really ok going with the flow.  Doing some shorter races locally wont hurt my feelings a bit.   This weekend is not going to be long training for me.  i have a wedding to go to.If i dont have a crew by next weekend then i will have to make a decision for or against tortour.  Markus is going to do the race and will be over here in a couple of weeks.   i will most likely train with him to be supportive but i might not do the same milage.   Some nice sprint tris and olympic distance races will be nice to do for a change.   Will keep ya posted.