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Tortour (1000k Race Around Switzerland)

June 9th, 2011 Posted in Shanna's Blog Entries

So this was off the list last week.  i was not sure if i had a full crew and did not really want to do the training.   I was sort of training without a real goal so some of the spark was gone from the workouts.    My coach told me to think about a goal last weekend.   I was starting a plan b of sprint races and getting married……wait a minute.   Marriage was the main goal above all the races.

I was telling one of my cleints/friends…Anothony White a Cat 1-2 road racer that i was leaning towards not doing the race and before i got my sentence out of my mouth….he was volunteering crewing and getting his flight.   all i could think was ….oh gosh…is he for real.   i figured that maybe he was bluffing and while on my short touring like ride on Saturday he called and asked me the dates.   i led him to the website.    Sunday night he was texting questions and I let him know the flights were at 12k.  i got no reply.  i figured things had changed.   i woke up monday morning with a text saying “you better get your butt training.”  i had mixed emotions but got sort of excited so now i have a flight to Tortour and it is on the list.  The miles will start now and from now until August the training will be hell.   The training is not really hell but all the time it takes is…..Tortour here we come.   i am still waiting for Anthony to get his flight……in the meantime i check flights 2x a day hoping for a cheaper ticket.

This weekend-  so i have a good friend with a plane that will be here tomorrow and the plan was to fly into Mena, arkansas and do one really hard route….that is until i spoke with the coach.    I have 140 miles and my friend has 120 miles and a  run afterwards.    it would not be fair to do this route that is 15000 ft of climbing each way….that is in about 50 miles.   tortour is 50000 in 620 miles just to give you an idea of hwo hard Arkansas would be.    I tried to get my coach to get  off the idea of miles and convert to time but he was reluctant.    So Tim and I will be going to a mountain called Mount Scott and try to find a route.  i hate riding in an unknown area but looks like it would be better to do this route for Tims sake……he is doing Ironman Lake Placid that only had 6000 ft of climbing.    Maybe my fiance and I can go do Arkansas in a couple of weekswe will see.      I will do lots of hill repeats on mount scott to try to get some mountain climbing in.   i have to get some mountains in if i think i am going to do Switzerland.

cycling-  so it is time to try to get fast but training for Tortour might get in the way for a while.   i am finally working with a coach.   his name is rich and he has trainers at his house.  i did my first power test this week.  i was so excited and my outlook on training changed.    I hate to go hard but i need to get some speed in my legs….what for…..well ultraman …what else?    After tortour the junk long miles will be no more.   i am so looking forward to my workouts with Rich.   Will keep ya posted.