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August 6th, 2011 Posted in Shanna's Blog Entries

Tortour-  the race is still on…..i think.    I have been in heavy training and feel ready.   Yesterday i was supposed to fly out but spent all day at the Dallas airport.  the plane had a mechanical and never got fixed.    I got to come home and sleep with my puppies again and will  try teh same schedule today.   Today already started off great.   The city has turned the water off…..yuck.  it will be 3 days with no shower by the time i get to Europe.    I did use some bottled water but i could only take so much of the cold.    Talk about waking up.   What is funny is that i usually just keep the botttled water at room temp but for some reason i decided to put all of it in the frig……..BRRRRR!

I am ok with the new change in flights but Anthoney, my crew, is the one who really got screwed.   He was going to do his first European pro race on Sunday.   We now arrive at 7am sunday morning and his race is at 430……i think he should do it anyway.   i know i would.  i am hoping he changes his mind.   The anxiety at the airport after 8 hours yesterday was up….

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