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August 9th, 2011 Posted in Shanna's Blog Entries



The flight- the flight was horrible and Delta airlines are officially on my “doodoo” list after this trip.   Anthony and I boarded the plane on Friday morning for our first attempt to get to Germany.   Our flight never left DFW .  Delta would never change our intermarry until late that evening.   We did not get back to our houses until 8pm Friday night and needed to leave by 430 the next morning to catch our new flights.  

On Saturday I woke up to no water.   I planned to take a quick shower but the city turned the water off for maintenance.   No shower?  Yuck…what a way to start the day off.   So off we went again to the airport.  Anthony’s poor girlfriend had to ruin her weekend sleep for us.    WE checked and the first flight went ok.    I knew I was not going to have a window seat.   I let Anthony have it knowing I was going to get my window on the next flight.  Let me tell you…….i love window seats.  I can sleep with no problem with a down pillow and a wall.  I was looking forward to the 8 hour flight from Atlanta to Germany.   We had a 6 hour layover in Atlanta.   Anthony snuck out of the airport to eat lunch with his granddad and I sat in a massage chair…dreaming of my window seat.   When we boarded the plane we discovered that E was not a window seat.  I was instantly pissed at the delta guy that assured me it was when I questioned him about it.  BS….this was when I got pissed off.   Just before takeoff some people asked the flight attendant something and she led them to some seats in the back.   I did not take one minute and I jumped into the seat…just in case it was going to be empty.  What was Delta going to do…kick me out of the seat? It was worth a try.   It worked…I got my window seat and I could see the jealousy in Anthony’s eyes.   He also envied my down pillow.   I got some sleep….thank goodness.    I had a busy week with massages and had not had a goodnights sleep in a while.  I was feeling like I was getting sick.   I slept the entire flight and it was great!

Germany-  Markus (the fiancé) greeted us at the airport.  He was a sight for sore eyes.   We dropped Anthony off at Nora’s (my crew member) apartment in Dusseldorf.   Nora was going to take Anthony to his road race.   Markus and I headed to his house for a family party.  I got 30 minutes to get ready and was then greeted with 30 family members all anxious to meet who Markus was marrying.   Sure wish I knew German but I will in time.   The party started at 10:30am and the last of the family left at 9:30.  I had to sneak a nap in while the party was going on.  It was lots of fun.

Markus and I were planning to go to bed and Anthony came crashing through the door.   We were up late talking about his pro race.   He had fun and was all smiles.   We all went to bed around 11.