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Amsterdam 8/9/11

August 11th, 2011 Posted in Shanna's Blog Entries

Amsterdam 8/9/2011

“Tourist”-  today we played “tourist.”   Since we were so close to Amsterdam last night we just decided to go ahead and visit Amsterdam.  I have seen it several times but Markus and Anthony have not.   WE got a cheap motel and thought it would be close to the center of town but found out it was not.  Markus did not have a map and was trying to use his Iphone……it worked but made for an interesting trip.

The hotel was a best western and seemed to be pretty nice.   We got 3 beds and so Markus and I pushed two of them together.  I slept in the crack.   We had people coming in our room all night.   The receptionist must have been giving our room out to everyone.   We would hear the door open and then we would hear a voice “ohhh sorry.”  The person would leave so we never bothered getting up.  

This morning we went to do a canal cruise.   It took us a while to find the place and park.   We should have had a map.    We had a nice time on the canal ride and saw almost all of Amsterdam sitting on our butts.   I like the idea of sitting before a race.   After the canal cruise we had to go check out the “red light” district and a coffee house.   The red light district is the place for hookers to work.   The windows have red lights around them and girls standing in the window.   When the light is off and the curtains are closed they are busy.   We got our kicks checking out the culture of Amsterdam.  Out of curiosity Anthony had to ask one “how much?” We found out that is was 50 Euro a piece…meaning she would play with all 3 of us.   Don’t worry we did nothing.   We actually almost ran from her.

Last stop before we left was a “coffee shop.”  I have been in one before.   I mistakenly walked into one thinking I could use the internet and found people sitting on couches getting high on marijuana.   I never found the internet and freaked when I found out what a coffee shop was in Amsterdam.  We just took a peek at the same one.   It was mid-day so not much was going on.   We were handed a menu when we walked in.   Yep…you could by hash, brownies, and pot.   It looked like she was even making some tea out of marijuana.  We took a picture of the menu and then left.   I am sure this is what other riders do before a race….visit the hookers and coffee shops.