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Tortour 8/11/11

August 11th, 2011 Posted in Shanna's Blog Entries  this is the website to follow me on.   I am pretty sure there will be live tracking.  For those of you back home ….you can click on the british flag up in the corner and get something you might understand.   i am feeling good and ready to go.

Switzerland-   yesterday we had a long day driving here to switzerland.   It took us 7 hours …thank goodness we did not wait until today to get here.    All day today has been pretty relaxed.   right now it is 630n and i am supposed to be going to sleep so i can get up at 1am.   My race starts at 3 am….how exciting is that.

Prolog-   this afternoon we had a prolog.   i guess a porlog is some way of determining a start position so we are not all going off at once.   It was just over a half mile and all uphill.   the plan was to take it easy but there waa too much hollering and stuff to just dilly dally.  It started at one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Switzerland.  i cant wait to post some pictures.

The race- I am ready to rock-n-roll.  The weather is going to be great too.   i did not bring any short sleeve jersys so it looks like i will be in a  tank top.   We still have the mountains that will get down to 30 at night…just so happens to be when we will be going through them.   It is going to be a nice race….i can just feel it.