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recovery-  so i am recovered from the leadman.  the bike is fixed and I am back in training.  i am feeling strong this week but that does not mean I am going to do well on the long bike ride I have planned this week.

Funny Story- This past weekend I took some time to shop for a dress. I have a huge reception to go to in Germany and wanted something that Markus and I could country dance in.   we are getting honky tonk lessons after Ultraman.  I was calling the honky tonk lessons my new  ”training “  to my friends Johnny and Author.

ok…back to the dress.   I have a cousin that is  real bargin shopper and i could not remember where she liked to shop so much.  I hate shopping so i started online.   the store taht came to mind was Neiman Marcus.  I found some dresses on clearance and hoped in the van to go shop.   Woops!  i walked into the store and my flip flop broke.   They were old shoes and so i had to carry them.  On the bottom of them was paint and stuff from working in them.   I found taht Neiman Marcus was the “hoity toity” snobby store.   I was sort of embarrassed to be walking around barefoot.   Of course they new i was headed to the clearance rack.    To my surprise….I found my dress and it was super cheap.   After some buddies pitched in some funds on the dress it is now hanging in my closet.   Just to give you an idea of how expensice this store can be.  i checked out some shoes that were two thousand dollars….yikes.

600k-  so i am doing a 600k this weekend to train for Tortour.   I hvae not done one of these in a couple of years so i am sort of dreading it.   I usually will ride with a buddy Mark Medcalf and we nock it out with little sleep and just get done with it.    Yikes…he is not riding.   I called my other maniac riding friend Gary Gotlive (spelled both names wrong)  and he is ridign tandom with his wife.  this means i am in for a longer ride then usual or i could ride alone. If i rode alone i would probably get lost so we would all end up finishing at the same time anyway.   I will be staying with the group and enjoying the ride….not sure if my butt will.  i cant belive i used to do this training all the time.   My randonnuer friends do it every weekend and i so admire them for it.  I think since i have not done any rides over a 200k it will be best to stay with them.   This weekend is just about time in the saddle.   I will be doing a 1000k non stop in the beginning of August.   time to get with the program.  ohhh…it is going to hurt.