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My Sponsors: The Products I Use and Why I Use Them

I am proud to have these companies as my partners, because they’re good people that make great products. If you want to support me, please purchase from these companies, and tell them I sent you. That way they will know their sponsorship is working!
It always impresses me how NiteRider lights can throw out such a powerful beam.  A big help in RAAM and I look forward to using them in ever race I do.
Rudy Project makes super-comfortable helmets and great eyewear with outstanding lenses with a wide range of different frame shapes.
If you really must run 50 miles non-stop (like we do in the UltraMan), then use Mizuno.  Your legs will thank you for it.
Health food for athletes, it’s that simple.  Hammer/E-Caps for the nutritional and supplement basis of many serious athletes.  Hammer has the best customer service I know of in the nutrition industry.
I go with Zoot because they have perfected the women’s fit.  Zoot Sports makes premier products for gals like me – and guys too!
I have been using Spinergy wheels for years now and they just keep rollin’.
Trioptek has helped me take my website to the next level.  They can help you with all of your technology and hosting needs, and their support is unrivaled!
The Sport Zone makes all my signage.  They always do neat work and they are right here in Lubbock.